Printed Hearing Records

02/02/05 Long-Term Outlook for Social Security
01/19/05 Nomination of Michael O. Leavitt
11/18/04 FDA, Merck and Vioxx: Putting Patient Safety First?
10/08/04 Nomination of Anna Escobedo Cabral
09/21/04 Indian Jails: A Clarion Call for Reform
09/14/04 Implementing the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit and Medicare Advantage Program: Perspectives on the Proposed Rules
08/25/04 Saving America’s Great Places: The Role of Tax Incentives in Preserving Rural Communities
07/22/04 The Role of Higher Education Financing in Strengthening U.S. Competitiveness in a Global Economy
07/21/04 Bridging the Tax Gap
07/07/04 Nominations of J. Russell George, Patrick P. O'Carroll, Jr., Timothy Bitsberger, and Paul Jones
06/22/04 Charity Oversight and Reform: Keeping Bad Things from Happening to Good Charities
06/16/04 Strengthening Regulations and Oversight to Better Ensure Agriculture Financing Integrity
06/15/04 United States-Australia and United States-Morocco Free Trade Agreements
06/08/04 Medicare Drug Card: Delivering Savings for Participating Beneficiaries
05/19/04 Nominations of John O. Colvin, Stuart Levey, and Juan C. Zarate

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