Printed Hearing Records

06/06/03 Strengthening and Improving the Medicare Program
05/13/03 Status of the Free Trade Area of the Americas: Negotiations and Preparations for the Miami Ministerial: Subcommittee on International Trade
04/14/03 Fair Deal for Rural America: Fixing Medicare Reimbursement
04/09/03 2003 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Old Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability Trust Funds
04/08/03 Enron: Joint Committee on Taxation Investigative Report on Compensation-Related Issues
04/03/03 Purchasing Health Care Services in a Competitive Environment
04/01/03 Nominations of Robert Allen Wherry, Harry A. Haines, Mark Van Dyke Holmes, and Diane L. Kroupa
04/01/03 Taxpayer Alert: Choosing a Paid Preparer and the Pitfalls of Charitable Car Donation
03/18/03 Nomination of Hon. Mark W. Everson
03/12/03 Welfare Reform: Building on Success
03/11/03 Funding Challenge: Keeping Defined Benefit Pension Plans Afloat
03/05/03 Administration's Trade Agenda
02/27/03 Examining the Administration's Fiscal Year 2004 Health Care Priorities
02/20/03 Welfare Reform: Past Successes, New Challenges
02/13/03 Enron: The Joint Committee on Taxation's Investigative Report

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