Printed Hearing Records

02/27/02 Retirement Security: Picking Up the Enron Pieces
02/14/02 Administration's Request to Increase the Federal Debt Limit: Subcommittee on Long-Term Growth and Debt Reduction
02/13/02 Sectoral Trade Disputes: Lumber and Steel
02/06/02 Ongoing U.S. Trade Negotiations
02/05/02 President's Fiscal Year 2003 Budget
12/19/01 Nomination of Edward Kingman, Jr.
11/15/01 Nominations of Richard Clarida, Kenneth Lawson, B. John Williams, Jr., Janet Hale, Joan E. Ohl, James B. Lockhart III, and Harold Daub
10/11/01 Strengthening Working Families Act of 2001
10/04/01 Nomination of Jo Anne Barnhart
10/03/01 Addressing the Need for an Economic Stimulus Package
08/24/01 The Role of Tax Incentives in Addressing Rural Energy Needs and Conservation
08/03/01 Andean Trade Preference Act
08/01/01 Cybershopping and Sales Tax: Finding the Right Mix
07/31/01 Nominations of Robert Bonner, Rosario Marin, Jon Huntsman, Jr., Alex Azar II, and Janet Rehnquist
07/20/01 Trade Adjustment Assistance: Subcomittee on International Trade

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