Printed Hearing Records

10/21/03 Tax Shelters: Who's Buying, Who's Selling, and What's the Government Doing About It?
09/23/03 Unfulfilled Promises: Mexican Barriers to U.S. Agricultural Exports
09/09/03 The Alias Among Us: The Homeland Security and Terrorism Threat from Document Fraud, Identity Theft, and Social Security Number Misuse
09/04/03 United States-Cuba Economic Relations
08/26/03 Rural Economy, Renewable Energy, and the Role of our Cooperatives
07/30/03 Nominations of Teresa M. Ressel and Robert S. Nichols
07/17/03 Nursing Home Quality Revisited: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
07/15/03 An Examination of U.S. Tax Policy and its Effect on the International Competitiveness of U.S.-Owned Foreign Operations
07/08/03 An Examination of U.S. Tax Policy and its Effect on the Domestic and International Competitiveness of U.S.-Based Operations
06/26/03 Nominations of Josette Sheeran Shiner and James Joseph Jochum
06/17/03 Implementation of U.S. Bilateral Free Trade Agreement with Singapore and Chile
06/06/03 Strengthening and Improving the Medicare Program
05/13/03 Status of the Free Trade Area of the Americas: Negotiations and Preparations for the Miami Ministerial: Subcommittee on International Trade
04/14/03 Fair Deal for Rural America: Fixing Medicare Reimbursement
04/09/03 2003 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Old Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability Trust Funds

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