Printed Hearing Records

10/10/13 The Debt Limit
07/31/13 Powering Our Future: Principles for Energy Tax Reform
07/24/13 Health Information Technology: Using it to Improve Care
07/18/13 Nominations of Michael B. Thornton, Joseph W. Nega, and F. Scott Kieff
07/17/13 Health Information Technology: A Building Block to Quality Health Care
07/10/13 Repealing the SGR and the Path Forward: A View from CMS
06/26/13 Health Care Quality: The Path Forward
06/25/13 Program Integrity: Oversight of Recovery Audit Contractors
06/18/13 High Prices, Low Transparency: The Bitter Pill of Health Care Costs
06/11/13 Sex Trafficking and Exploitation in America: Child Welfare’s Role in Prevention and Intervention
06/06/13 Nomination of Michael Froman
05/22/13 The Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2013
05/21/13 A Review of Criteria Used by the IRS to Identify 501(c)(4) Applications for Greater Scrutiny
05/14/13 Advancing Reform: Medicare Physicians Payments
04/24/13 The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Opportunities and Challenges

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