Printed Hearing Records

12/14/11 Alternative Energy Tax Incentives: The Effect of Short-Term Extensions on Alternative Technology Investment, Domestic Manufacturing, and Jobs: Subcommittee on Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure
12/07/11 Drug Shortages: Why They Happen and What They Mean
12/06/11 Tax Reform and the Tax Treatment of Financial Products: Joint Hearing with the House Committee on Ways and Means
11/17/11 Nominations of Mary John Miller, Alastair M. Fitzpayne, Kathleen Kerrigan, and Henry J. Aaron
11/10/11 Unemployment Insurance: The Path Back to Work
10/18/11 Tax Reform Options: Incentives for Charitable Giving
10/06/11 Tax Reform Options: Incentives for Homeownership
09/21/11 Dually-Eligible Beneficiaries: Improving Care While Lowering Costs
09/20/11 Tax Reform Options: Incentives for Innovation
09/15/11 Tax Reform Options: Promoting Retirement Security
09/14/11 Tax Reform Options: Marginal Rates on High-Income Taxpayers, Capital Gains and Dividends
09/13/11 Examining Whether There is a Role for Tax Reform in Comprehensive Deficit Reduction and U.S. Fiscal Policy: Subcommittee on Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Growth
09/12/11 Nominations of Joseph H. Gale, Michael W. Punke, Islam A. Siddiqui, Paul Piquado, and David S. Johanson
09/08/11 Tax Reform Options: International Issues
07/28/11 Nominations of Juan F. Vasquez, Maurice B. Foley, and Janice Eberly

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