Printed Hearing Records

07/11/12 Roundtable Discussion on Medicare Physician Payments: Perspectives from Physicians
07/10/12 Boosting Opportunities and Growth Through Tax Reform: Helping More Young People Achieve The American Dream
06/21/12 Russia’s WTO Accession – Administration’s Views on the Implications for the United States
06/19/12 Confronting The Looming Fiscal Crisis
06/14/12 Roundtable Discussion on Medicare Physician Payment Policy: Lessons from the Private Sector
06/12/12 Tax Reform: Impact on U.S. Energy Policy
06/05/12 Combating Poverty: Understanding New Challenges for Families
05/23/12 Progress in Health Care Delivery: Innovations from the Field
05/17/12 The Social Security Administration: Is it Meeting its Responsibilities to Save Taxpayer Dollars and Serve the Public?
05/15/12 Tax Reform: What It Could Mean for Tribes and Territories
05/10/12 Roundtable Discussion on Medicare Physician Payments: Understanding the Past so We Can Envision the Future
05/08/12 Nominations of Mark J. Mazur, Matthew S. Rutherford, and Meredith M. Broadbent
04/26/12 Tax Filing Season: Improving the Taxpayer Experience
04/25/12 Tax Reform: What It Means for State and Local Tax and Fiscal Policy
04/24/12 Anatomy of a Fraud Bust: From Investigation to Conviction

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