Committee Prints

12/18/14 Staff Report on Comprehensive Tax Reform for 2015 and Beyond
06/28/13 Joint Staff Report on the Corporate Practice of Dentistry in the Medicaid Program (Print 113-16)
02/26/13 Rules of Procedure (Print 113-2)
12/28/12 Legislative Calendar - One Hundred Tweltfh Congress (Print 112-53)
10/24/12 Staff Report on Medtronic’s Influence on Infuse Clinical Studies (Print 112-38)
10/03/11 Staff Report on Home Health and the Medicare Therapy Threshold (Print 112-24)
05/25/11 Staff Report on Sanofi's Strategic Use of Third Parties to Influence the FDA (Print 112-20)
02/17/11 Rules of Procedure (Print 112-8)
12/22/10 Legislative Calendar - One Hundred Eleventh Congress (Print 111-70)
12/06/10 Finance Committee Staff Report on Cardiac Stent Usage at St Joseph Medical Center (Print 111-57)
01/01/10 Staff Report on GlaxoSmithKline and the Diabetes Drug Avandia (Print 111-41)
01/15/09 Rules of Procedure - One Hundred Eleventh Congress (Print 111-2)
12/23/08 Legislative Calendar - One Hundred Tenth Congress (Print 110-65)
01/30/08 Rules of Procedure - One Hundred Tenth Congress (Print 110-37)
08/03/07 The Firing of an SEC Attorney and The Investigation of Pequot Capital Management ( Print 110-28)

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