Committee Reports

11/13/07 American Infrastructure Investment and Improvement Act of 2007 (Report 110-228)
10/25/07 Heartland, Habitat, Harvest, and Horticulture Act of 2007 (Report 110-206)
10/24/07 Habitat and Land Conservation Act of 2007 (Report 110-205)
09/24/07 Increasing the Statutory Limit on the Public Debt (Report 110-184)
08/29/07 Approving the Renewal of Import Restrictions Contained in the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act of 2003 (Report 110-146)
03/29/07 Report on the Activities of the Committee on Finance of the United States Senate During the 109th Congress (Report 110-41)
01/22/07 Small Business and Work Opportunity Act of 2007 (Report 110-1)
12/05/06 United States-Oman Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act (Report 109-364)
09/19/06 Elder Justice Act (Report 109-337)
09/15/06 Telephone Excise Tax Repeal and Taxpayer Protection and Assistance Act of 2006 (Report 109-336)
08/30/06 A Bill to Authorize the Extension of Nondiscriminatory Treatment (Normal Trade Relations Treatment) to the Products of Vietnam (Report 109-321)
07/12/06 Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Indian Health Care Improvement Act of 2006 (Report 109-278)
06/23/06 Improving Outcomes for Children Affected by Meth Act of 2006 (Report 109-269)
12/08/05 United States Bahrain Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act (Report 109-199)
11/02/05 National Employee Savings and Trust Equity Guarantee Act (Report 109-174)

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