Witness Directory

Murdock, Deroy
Journalist, Senior Fellow
Fox News Contributor , Atlas Network
New York, NY
Boushey, Heather
Executive Director and Chief Economist
Washington Center for Equitable Growth
Washington, DC
Rattner, Steven
Willett Advisors LLC
New York, NY
Lindsey, Lawrence B.
President and CEO
The Lindsey Group
Fairfax, VA
Diamond, John
Fellow in Public Finance
Baker School of Public Policy, Rice University
Houston, TX
Gravelle, Dr. Jane G.
Senior Specialist in Economic Policy
Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress
Washington, DC
Boskin, Michael
T.M. Friedman Professor of Economics and Senior Fellow
Stanford University, Hoover Institution
Stanford, CA
D'Andrea Tyson, Laura
Professor of Business and Administration and Economics, Director
Institute for Business and Social Impact, University of California-Berkeley, Haas School of Business
Berkeley, CA
Bradley, The Honorable Bill
Former Member
United States Senate Committee on Finance
New York , NY
Packwood, The Honorable Bob
Former Chairman
United States Senate Committee on Finance
Portland , OR
Lew, The Honorable Jacob J.
Secretary of the Treasury
United States Department of the Treasury
Washington, DC
Burwell, The Honorable Sylvia Mathews
Secretary of Health and Human Services
United States Department of Health and Human Services
Washington, DC
Koskinen, The Honorable John
Internal Revenue Service
Washington, DC
Froman, The Honorable Michael
United States Trade Representative
Executive Office of the President
Washington, DC
Hall, Robert E.
Senior Fellow, Stanford University's Hoover Institution, and Professor of Economics
Stanford University
Stanford, CA
Engler, The Honorable John M.
Business Roundtable
Washington, DC
Wolfers, Justin
Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics and Professor of Public Policy, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy and Professor of Economics, College of Literature
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Dodd, Ph.D, RN, Catherine J.
Chair of the Board of Directors
National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
Washington, DC
Barr, MAAA, ASA, EA, Janet M.
on behalf of the American Academy of Actuaries
Chicago, IL
Slavov, Ph.D, Sita Nataraj
Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University, Visiting Scholar
American Enterprise Institute
Washington, DC
Perrin, Barbara
Eugene, OR
Calabrese, Joseph A.
CEO, General Manager, and Secretary-Treasurer,
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Cleveland, OH
Whitlatch, Mike
Senior Director of Global Energy and Procurement
Atlanta, GA
Carrick, Robert
Natural Gas Sales Manager
Daimler Trucks North America
Portland, OR
Jibson, Ronald W.
Chairman, President, and CEO
Salt Lake , UT

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