September 24,2008

Baucus Calls for Swift Action to Extend Expiring Tax Cuts


To: Reporters and Editors
From: Dan Virkstis for Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.)
Re: Senate legislation for Jobs, Energy, Families

Finance Chairman Baucus commented briefly today on the need for swift action to extend expiring tax cuts for families, workers and businesses, block the alternative minimum tax from hitting millions of taxpayers, and foster independent energy solutions for America. The Senate passed legislation accomplishing all of these goals by an overwhelming 93-2 margin last night.The House of Representatives is now considering next steps on tax legislation.

“The Senate has passed a bill that achieves the major tax objectives for the year and addresses many of the challenges facing our nation today. Senator Grassley and I worked hard to draft a good bill that can pass both chambers. The Senate bill can jump-start job growth here at home, begin to break dependence on energy sources abroad, and keepmuch-needed money in the pockets of millions of working families.

“We know this bill can be a bipartisan solution for the entire Congress because it reflects bipartisan success here in the Senate with a majority of 93-2. This is something both parties on both sides of the Hill can agree on, and I’m calling on the House to cut through the noise, come together and swiftly pass this legislation to get help to businesses and families back home.”