October 17,2013

Press Contact:

Sean Neary/Meaghan Smith

Baucus Comment on Bipartisan Agreement to Re-open Government and Pay Nation’s Bills

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) issued the following statement today after the Senate passed bipartisan legislation to end the government shutdown and avert a default on the nation’s debt.

“For the past several weeks, Congress has been stuck in a stalemate, unable to agree on a course for our nation.  This political standoff has shaken America’s confidence.  It has threatened the global economy. And it’s caused real hardships for working families and small business owners all across the country.

“Today, thankfully, compromise has overcome conflict.  Cooler heads prevailed.  Leader Reid and Minority Leader McConnell have been able to come together to provide a path forward that will avert a default on the nation’s debt.

“This bipartisan agreement will help pull us back from the edge.  It will reopen the government and provides a way for us to avoid a disastrous debt default.

“By no means is this a permanent solution.  But it allows us all here to pause, take a deep breath and, once again, try and come together to move forward. 

“In the coming days, Members will be selected for a conference committee to take on the nation’s long-term budget challenges. 

“As Leader Reid indicated, the Budget Conference will be led by Chairman Murray and Chairman Ryan.  They are both pragmatic and solution oriented.  I have nothing but respect for them both and hope they can craft a bipartisan compromise to get America back on track.

“I look forward to working with Chairman Murray, Chairman Ryan and all of my colleagues to find common sense solutions to reducing the deficit, creating jobs and promoting economic growth.”