February 02,2009

Baucus Comment Regarding Daschle Nomination

Washington, DC — Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) issued a short statement this morning regarding the nomination of Senator Tom Daschle to serve as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

"As indicated by news reports over the weekend, the Senate Finance Committee has been reviewing a number of issues with regard to Senator Daschle's nomination as part of our vetting process. As with every nominee, all issues raised will be considered carefully and thoroughly by the Finance Committee in the coming days. The Committee will meet this afternoon to discuss the findings of this vetting process and next steps, and I will comment further once I've had a chance to hear my fellow Senators' thoughts. We will also make public the information discovered and reviewed in the vetting process.

I have applauded Senator Daschle's nomination to the post of HHS Secretary, and my faith in his dedication and qualifications has only been bolstered in recent weeks by our numerous conversations about the pressing need for comprehensive health care reform. The ability to advance meaningful health reform is my top priority in confirming a Secretary of Health and Human Services, and I remain convinced that Senator Daschle would be an invaluable and expert partner in this effort. I am eagerto move forward together.”

Baucus said that a final version of a Finance Committee statement on vetting issues for Mr. Daschle’s nomination would be released to the public as soon as issues listed as outstanding in a draft version shared with Committee members last Friday are completed.

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