November 18,2009

Baucus Comments on the CBO score for the Senate Health Care reform bill


To: Reporters and editors

From: Scott Mulhauser and Erin Shields for Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.)

Re: Baucus comments on the CBO score for the Senate Health Care reform bill

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) issued the following statement today after the release of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates of the Senate health reform bill.

From Chairman Baucus:

“The CBO score we received today illustrates the Senate health reform legislation is a balanced, fiscally-responsible package that will deliver the real reform that American families, businesses and the economy need. The Senate bill is fully paid for, won’t add a dime to the federal deficit and helps pay down the national debt,” Baucus said. “It ensures choice for consumers and increases competition in the market, bans insurance company practices that deny and drop coverage for sick Americans and creates new tax credits for working Americans and small businesses to make coverage more affordable. The American people are counting on us to act, so we must continue the hard work and compromise it took to reach this point until we deliver a bill to the President’s desk. Too many parents struggle to pay for health insurance and also try to save for college, too many employers are forced to drop health coverage because they simply can’t afford the premium while remaining competitive in today’s global economy, and for too long, health insurance companies have put profits before patients. This is the moment to change that.”