November 30,2007

Baucus Comments on USTR Proposal

Access to green technology, goods, and services under proposed plan will help mitigate climate change

Washington, DC – Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) expressed his
support for a United States proposal, introduced today at the World Trade Organization, that calls for the elimination of tariffs and other trade barriers on environmental goods and services,
including more than 40 such goods and services that are vital in combating climate change. The
proposal reflects the recommendations of a recent World Bank study, which concluded that
reducing trade barriers on these products would expand their use in developed and developing

“Future generations are depending on us to fight global climate change now. Under this
proposal, countries can harness the economic benefits of increased trade, while creating
environmental benefits that will reverberate globally,”
Baucus said. “Reducing barriers to
trade in environmental products and services, including clean coal technologies, will expand
countries’ options to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I
strongly encourage all WTO members to accept this proposal.”

In a speech earlier this fall, Chairman Baucus called on the United States to lead negotiations on
an agreement to remove tariffs and other barriers on environmentally-friendly goods and services, noting that such measures will help both the environment and the economy.