March 23,2010

Baucus Hails Signing of Landmark Health Reform Bill

Historic legislation, protecting patients and providing access to quality, affordable health care becomes law

Washington, DCSenate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) today hailed President Obama’s signing of landmark health care reform legislation.  The President’s signature enacts into law the House and Senate-passed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which provides access to quality, affordable health care for Americans, controls health care costs and reduces the deficit.  As Chairman of the Finance Committee, Baucus drafted a substantial portion of the legislation and played a key role passing it through the Senate.  He vowed to work this week to pass the sidecar legislation in the Senate to improve the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

“Americans have been fighting for health care reform for almost a century.  We have now enacted into law the affordable health care system our country needs to be competitive in the 21st century global economy.  Families and small businesses in Montana and across the nation will finally have the health care stability and security they deserve. This law brings the American people lower health care costs, protection from insurance company abuses, increased choice and marketplace competition,” Baucus said.  “This law means a brighter future, not just for the health of our nation, but for the fiscal future of our country.  Going forward, I am confident we can work together and act swiftly to enact improvements to the legislation signed by the President today.”

The comprehensive health reform bill signed into law today, combined with the improvement bill the Senate will consider this week, will make the health care system more coordinated and efficient, resulting in lower costs and improved quality.  Highlights include:

  • Making health insurance more affordable through tax credits for families and small businesses;
  • Reducing the deficit and reining in health costs;
  • Stopping insurance company abuses;
  • Providing greater choice and competition in the insurance market;
  • Investing in small businesses; and
  • Making Medicare more solvent and eliminating coverage gaps in Medicare prescription drug coverage.

Learn more about the historic legislation signed today on the Finance Committee website at: