November 02,2001

Baucus Statement on Unemployment Report

Today’s report from the Department of Labor on unemployment underscores the need for Congress and this Administration to act quickly, appropriately and jointly on an economic recovery plan that includes true unemployment and health care assistance for millions of out of work Americans.

This week the president challenged Congress to complete our work on this economic recovery plan sometime before the end of this month and I completely agree with this time frame. Indeed it can be met if we work together.

If we do, I am confident that we can address the two main economic challenges facing our nation: 1) to help revive our economy and 2) provide unemployed Americans with straightforward and significant relief they so desperately need in these difficult times.These two goals go hand in hand and while they may not have been needs we might have anticipated earlier this year, they are needs that -- as so many have recognized -- can not be denied.

I look forward to working with this administration and colleagues in Congress to move on a much needed and sensible economic recovery plan in the most timely and expeditious way possible in the days and weeks ahead.