July 30,2013

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Sean Neary/Meaghan Smith
(202) 224-4515

Baucus Welcomes President's Request for Trade Promotion Authority

Finance Chairman Says TPA, TAA Job-Training Program Should Move Together

WASHINGTON –Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) welcomed the President’s request today for trade promotion authority (TPA) alongside worker adjustment assistance, which Senator Baucus has said are critical to a successful trade agenda.  The Senator announced his intent to move TPA alongside the worker job training program Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), which he introduced a bill to extend last week.

“Trade promotion authority and worker training give America’s workers the skills and opportunities they need to compete in the global marketplace,” Senator Baucus said.  “Trade supports good-paying jobs, and boosting our exports creates new opportunities for America’s farmers, ranchers, businesses and workers.  Trade Promotion Authority and Trade Adjustment Assistance are two sides of the same coin, and together they make trade work.  Passing both is critical to America’s trade agenda.”

Senator Baucus paired with Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) last week to introduce a bipartisan extension of Trade Adjustment Assistance, which uses job training and assistance to make the American workforce more competitive.  The bill, summarized here, extends TAA through 2020.