January 25,1999

Chairman Annouces Time Changes, New Witnesses for Trade Hearings this Week

WASHINGTON -- Senate Finance Committee Chairman William V. Roth, Jr. (R-DE), has released updated witness lists for the Committee's previously announced hearings on trade policy in the era of globalization. Calman J. Cohen of the Emergency Committee for American Trade will now testify at the Wednesday, January 27th hearing; William H. Lash III, a professor at George Mason University Law School, has been asked to testify on Thursday, January 28th.

In addition, the Chairman announced that Tuesday's hearing will begin at 9:30 am, not 10 am as previously announced. Wednesday's hearing will start at 10 am, and testimony will begin to be heard on Thursday at 9:15 am. All hearings will be held in room 215 Dirksen.

The schedule of hearings is as follows:

January 26th (room 215 Dirksen, beginning at 9:30 am)

A panel consisting of:
The Honorable Charlene Barshefsky, United States Trade Representative
The Honorable William M. Daley, Secretary of Commerce
The Honorable Robert E. Rubin, Secretary of the Treasury
The Honorable Lawrence H. Summers, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury
January 27th (room 215 Dirksen, beginning at 10 am)

Panel I
Mr. Gary G. Benanav, Chairman and CEO, New York Life International
Mr. Calman J. Cohen, President, Emergency Committee for American Trade
Mr. Dean Kleckner, President, American Farm Bureau Federation
Mr. Franklin D. Raines, Chairman and CEO, Fannie Mae

Panel II
Mr. George Becker, President, United Steelworkers Union
Mr. Peter Kelly, President and CEO-elect, LTV Steel Co.
Mr. Richard K. Riederer, President and CEO, Weirton Steel Corp.
January 28th (room 215 Dirksen, beginning at 9:15 am)

Panel I
The Honorable Tom Harkin, U.S. Senator, State of Iowa

Panel II
The Honorable Alexis Herman, Secretary of Labor
The Honorable Carol M. Browner, Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency

Panel III
Mr. Abraham Katz, President, U.S. Council for International Business
Mr. William H. Lash III, Professor, George Mason University Law School
Mr. John Sweeney, President, AFL-CIO
Mr. Mark Van Putten, President, National Wildlife Federation