May 23,2000

Committee to Release Preliminary Staff Recommendations on Corporate Tax Shelters Wednesday Morning

WASHINGTON -- The majority and minority staff of the Senate Finance Committee will release a preliminary discussion draft of a proposal to curtail corporate tax shelters Wednesday morning at 11:15 am in room 215 of the Dirksen Senate Office

Building. At that time, the staff will brief the press on the details of the proposal. The background briefing will be open to credentialed members of the press only. No cameras will be allowed.

Hard copies of the staff's draft proposal will be available to credentialed press only. The proposal will be posted on the Senate Finance Committee's web site by the early afternoon.

The majority and minority staff welcome comments on the preliminary staff discussion draft on or before Friday, June 9, 2000. Comments can be mailed to Frank Polk, Majority Staff Director, Senate Finance Committee, 219 Dirksen, Washington, D.C. 20510 and to David Podoff, Minority Staff Director, Senate Finance Committee, 203 Hart, Washington, D.C. 20510.