May 24,2018

Press Contact:

Katie Niederee and Julia Lawless, 202-224-4515

Finance Committee Advances HHS Nominee

WASHINGTON – The Senate Finance Committee today unanimously advanced the nomination of John Bartrum to be Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources.

“Mr. Bartrum’s military, administration and Capitol Hill experience – specifically drafting and implementing federal budgets – make him uniquely qualified to take on this key role at HHS,” Hatch said. “With Medicare and Medicaid expanding at unsustainable rates, Mr. Bartrum will face the challenge of finding ways to restrain spending while making certain our agencies have what they need to look out for the health of all Americans. I look forward to his quick and fair confirmation by the full U.S. Senate.”

An executive summary, including a breakdown of the vote, will be posted here.