April 25,2017

Press Contact:

Amelia Breinig, Julia Lawless (202)224-4515

Finance Committee Advances USTR Nominee

WASHINGTON – The Senate Finance Committee today unanimously advanced the nomination of Robert Lighthizer to serve as the United States Trade Representative (USTR).  Following the vote, Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) issued the following statement:
“Congress established the USTR as the primary official responsible for developing and executing U.S. trade policy, and I am pleased the Committee favorably reported Bob Lighthizer after months of unprecedented and unrelated demands. With today’s vote, we are one step closer to advancing a strong trade agenda that benefits American businesses, workers, and consumers, and protects U.S. intellectual property rights abroad. Mr. Lighthizer has the experience necessary to negotiate high-standard trade agreements that meet the parameters set by Trade Promotion Authority. He will play a vital role in increasing American trade around the globe, and I look forward to his nomination being considered by the full Senate.”
Chairman Hatch’s full opening statement can be found here.
An executive summary, including a breakdown of the vote, will be posted here.