May 20,2015

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From Buffalo to Sacramento, Newspapers Coast-to-Coast Call for Congress to Pass TPA

Bipartisan Trade Tool Gives Congress and the American People a Voice


It’s not just editorial boards from national papers that are endorsing Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). And it’s more than just thought leaders, industries of all types, and job creators that are praising the bipartisan trade tool.

The Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015 is also gaining support from local and regional editorial boards across the country that are calling for Congress to pass TPA.

Here’s a look at what they’re saying: 

THE BUFFALO NEWS EDITORIAL BOARD: “[TPA] has been granted to every president since Franklin Roosevelt and, it is important to note, it does not cut Congress out of the loop. What it does is allow the president authority to negotiate a deal and then to present it to Congress for an up-or-down vote, with no amendments allowed.” (Democrats should join Republicans in supporting Obama’s push for trade bill, 5/18/15)

THE SACRAMENTO BEE EDITORIAL BOARD: [Congress] is to vote on whether to grant Obama fast-track authority to negotiate the agreement. If it does, Congress will get to vote up or down on the final accord, but won’t be allowed to amend it. Presidents had trade promotion authority on other major trade deals, and for good reason. Other countries are not going to sign if Congress can change key provisions after the fact.”  (Give Asia-Pacific trade deal a chance, 5/16/15)

THE ORLANDO SENTINEL EDITORIAL BOARD: U.S. trading partners won't make their best offers at the bargaining table if Congress can rewrite the agreements. So presidents and their representatives need TPA to negotiate without a handicap.  But Congress also stands to gain from TPA legislation. It gives lawmakers a chance to set guidelines for trade agreements and strengthen their oversight.” (Bolster president's trade power, 5/17/15)

THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE EDITORIAL BOARD:Congress has dragged its feet on passing the trade promotion authority that will allow President Barack Obama to negotiate these international treaties…The technicalities of trade policy admittedly can make it difficult for representatives to know where they should stand. For Houstonians, however, the answer is easy...Houston will only maintain this top trade position if we keep working to build new and stronger international relationships.” (Trade history, 5/15/15)

THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC EDITORIAL BOARD:Trade-promotion authority for the president is one of the most economically significant issues of this president's tenure…The authority would allow the U.S. president to negotiate complicated trade deals with the partnership countries, all of which then would be put before Congress for a vote…Global free trade is happening whether the unions like it or not. The only difference will be whether the trade teams of the United States help write the rules for trade among the markets of the Pacific Rim, or whether China does.” (Arizona Democrats can't afford to fight trade deal, 5/16/15)

THE BALTIMORE SUN EDITORIAL BOARD: Right now, the question is merely whether Congress should grant the president the trade promotion authority his predecessors have been given under similar circumstances for decades. Congress still gets a final say over whatever emerges from the talks.”  (Fast-track's Senate stall, 5/13/15)

THE DES MOINES REGISTER EDITORIAL BOARD: Why support trade promotion authority? So the Obama administration can conclude the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, among other trade deals.”  (Don't derail trade deals over misconceptions, 5/13/15)