November 29,2017

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From Tennessee to Wisconsin, Real Americans Support Senate Tax Plan

Business Leaders, Local Government Leaders and Editorial Boards Across the Country Cheer Tax Overhaul Plan

Across the country, real Americans recognize what they stand to benefit from the Senate plan to overhaul the federal tax code. Take a look at what local leaders are saying about the plan: 

The Missoulian: Modernizing our tax code will help Montana small business

By Montana Rep. Greg Hertz, R-Polson

“Tax reform is important for Montana’s small business owners — who provide the majority of employment opportunities in our state and form the backbone of our economy. It is also important for families of all income levels, who will experience a much-needed boost in the form of lower taxes and higher wages.” 

The Intelligencer Wheeling News-Register: Tax Reform Especially Crucial for Small Businesses

By Gil White, West Virginia state director for the National Federation of Independent Business

Small business owners are encouraged that the president and congressional leaders acknowledge the need to cut taxes for small businesses. Small business accounts for 99.9 percent of all employers in this country, and it employs about half our nation’s private sector workforce.” 

Green Bay Press-Gazette: Tax bill will level playing field for companies competing internationally

By Dan Lloyd, plant manager at the Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Facility

“Here in Green Bay, I am proud that we employ nearly 700 people. Within Wisconsin, P&G purchases about $490 million of products and services from more than 300 suppliers… Congress is also considering legislation that would move the U.S. tax code from a worldwide corporate income tax system to what is known as a territorial tax system. This would help American companies, including P&G, compete on a level playing field.” 

Charleston Gazette-Mail: Tax reform can bring profits and jobs home

Editorial Board

“Some will argue that corporations that invert and move their headquarters overseas lack patriotism. But as everyone knows, what drives corporations is the bottom line — something other countries have learned. The U.S. should be rewarding corporate income in the U.S., not penalizing it and discouraging investment here at home.” 

Tennessean: Why liberal economists are wrong about Republican tax reform

By Andrew Puzder, former CEO of Nashville-headquartered CKE Restaurants

“Tax cuts also incentivize economic growth by keeping more money in communities where it produces growth and less in Washington D.C. where it does not. The CEA forecasts that the plan’s business tax cuts alone would increase GDP by between 3 and 5 percent over projections of continued Obama-era growth of less than 2 percent.” 

Detroit News: Tax plan meets nation’s needs

By Detroit News Editorial Board

“It’s a substantial break for those who aren’t rich, and that’s confirmed by the Washington Post fact checkers, who gave four Pinocchios to Democratic claims the plan raised the burden on the middle class while benefiting the wealthy.” 

Detroit News: Tax reform vital to our future

By Harry C. Alford, founder and president of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

“Owners of minority businesses, like all American entrepreneurs, have languished under a tax scheme that is among the world’s most repressive, levying combined federal and state tax of nearly 40 percent in some cases. After 30 plus years without real reform, the time for action is now. The tax reform framework recently offered by the Trump Administration and Congressional leaders would provide real and immediate relief. Under this plan, the corporate tax rate would fall to just 20 percent, bringing the U.S. closer in line to competitor nations.” 

The West Virginia State Journal: WV House Speaker Armstead says President’s tax plan will benefit state

By West Virginia House Speaker Tim Armstead

“Too many West Virginians have had to struggle to make ends meet in recent years, and a simplified tax code that leaves more of their hard-earned cash in their pockets would go a long way to easing their economic burden and making life better for their families.” 

The Oklahoman: Time to spike ACA's individual mandate

Oklahoman Editorial Board

“Put simply, the individual mandate provides no real benefit, and its chief impact is to augment the financial challenges of people already struggling to get by. So why keep it on the books?” 

Deseret News: Congressional tax proposal welcomes investment back to US

By John Dougall, Utah State Auditor and Howard Stephenson, Utah State Senator

“President Trump and congressional Republicans should be applauded for their efforts to reform the nation’s tax code. In particular, they should be given credit for tackling the problem of the corporate income tax… By lowering our rate to 20 percent, business will stop being driven offshore to lower tax countries. Companies can also stop looking for ways to avoid paying the punitive U.S. rate. Instead, this new lower rate will put us ‘back in the game,’ bringing business, manufacturing, capital investments and company headquarters back to the United States.” 

Arizona Capitol Times: Disdain for tax system reason enough to cheer on reformers

By Michael Varney, president and CEO of the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce

“As president and CEO of the Tucson Metro Chamber, I have never heard anyone defend our current tax system. Most of us agonize with it in the weeks leading up to April 15. The universal disdain for the current system is reason enough to cheer on the reformers. Many economists agree that tax reform is the next step in continuing the current economic growth and for promoting further stock market gains. Tax reform is one of the best ways of increasing middle class wealth because IRAs and 401K accounts will grow in value. Putting money back in the pockets of hard working families is always a good idea.”