April 18,2001

Grassley Announces Hearing on Tax Simplification

Hearing: “Tax Code Complexity: New Hope for Fresh Solutions”

Date/time: Thursday, April 26, 2001, at 10 a.m.

Location: 215 Dirksen Senate Office Building

Description: As any taxpayer knows, the tax code is excessively complex. Millions of Americansspend hours struggling over tax forms. Professional help and do-it-yourself taxsoftware cost billions of dollars. Taxpayers exhaust their patience and their resourcessimply trying to comply with the law. Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of theCommittee on Finance, wants to put an end to this. He believes Congress must makethe tax code more simple and more fair for taxpayers at all income levels. Grassleywill convene a hearing of the Committee on Finance to jump start the debate on taxsimplification. The hearing will feature the release of a much-anticipated,congressionally mandated study on simplification from the Joint Committee onTaxation. Grassley hopes the study will be the catalyst for a fresh look atsimplification.

Witnesses will include Lindy Paull, chief of staff for the Joint Committee onTaxation, and representatives of the following organizations: the American BarAssociation (Taxation Section), the American Institute of Certified PublicAccountants, the Tax Executives Institute and the National Association of EnrolledAgents.

A final witness list will be available later.