March 19,2003

Grassley Applauds Kick-off of U.S.-Australia Trade Talks

WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance,
today said he was pleased that talks on a U.S.-Australia free trade agreement were under way and
applauded the creation of the American-Australian Free Trade Agreement Coalition designed to
support the agreement.

“There’s no better way for the United States and Australia to reaffirm our historic relationship
than through negotiations on a free trade agreement,” Grassley said. “Bilateral investments between our two nations already support thousands of jobs in each country. A free trade agreement will not only strengthen our two economies by increasing financial flows, but also will strengthen the
important role that our alliance plays in the world.

“An agreement with Australia can also set the foundation for expanding free trade in the
Asia-Pacific region and opens the door to a free trade agreement with New Zealand. I look forward
to the prospects that this agreement provides for our farmers and workers and will keep a close eye
on the negotiations as they move forward.”