December 09,2019

Grassley-backed Private Debt Collection Program Continues to Successfully Support IRS Collection Resources

WASHINGTON – Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) released the following statement regarding the release of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Special Compliance Personnel Program Annual Report.
“Numbers don’t lie. With every successive quarter, the data show that the Private Debt Collection program is working for taxpayers and making our system of tax collection fairer for every American. This is the most recent in a series of reports that have given me confidence in the program’s ability to make the system better for law-abiding citizens while also strengthening the effectiveness of the IRS,” Grassley said.
Highlights of the report include:
1.      Total revenue collected by the program in FY 2019 was nearly $213 million, more than double the revenue collected in FY 2018, and net revenue collected of $147.7 million is nearly triple that of FY 2018; and,
2.      The success of the PDC program to date has provided more than $60 million to the IRS special compliance program, which the IRS is currently using to hire 200 special compliance personnel.
Grassley was instrumental in creating the bipartisan IRS Private Debt Collection Program as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee in 2004. He was also part of the program’s reinstatement in 2015 after the IRS terminated it in 2009 following a flawed review of the program.

The Private Debt Collection program is a public/private partnership that works to bolster the U.S. Treasury, strengthen the effectiveness of the IRS and ensure fairness in the federal tax system.