February 22,2001

Grassley, Baucus Name Finance Subcommittee Members

WASHINGTON - Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Committee on Finance, and Sen. Max Baucus, ranking Democrat, today announced the chairmen, ranking Democrats and members of the committee's subcommittees. The subcommittee memberships are:

Subcommittee on Taxation and IRS Oversight

Don Nickles, Chairman       Kent Conrad, Ranking Democrat
Trent Lott     Robert Torricelli
Orrin Hatch     John Breaux
Fred Thompson     Jeff Bingaman
Olympia Snowe     Blanche Lincoln
Frank Murkowski     Max Baucus

Subcommittee on International Trade

Orrin Hatch, Chairman     Max Baucus, Ranking Democrat
Chuck Grassley     John Rockefeller
Fred Thompson     Tom Daschle
Frank Murkowski     Kent Conrad
Phil Gramm     John Kerry
Trent Lott     Blanche Lincoln
James Jeffords     Bob Graham
Olympia Snowe     Robert Torricelli

Subcommittee on Social Security and Family Policy

Jon Kyl, Chairman     John Breaux, Ranking Democrat
Don Nickles       John Rockefeller
Trent Lott     Jeff Bingaman
James Jeffords     Tom Daschle
Phil Gramm     John Kerry

Subcommittee on Health Care

Olympia Snowe, Chairwoman John Rockefeller, Ranking Democrat
Phil Gramm     Tom Daschle
James Jeffords     Jeff Bingaman
Chuck Grassley     John Kerry
Jon Kyl     Robert Torricelli
Orrin Hatch     Blanche Lincoln
Don Nickles     John Breaux
Fred Thompson     Bob Graham

Subcommittee on Long-term Growth and Debt Reduction

Frank Murkowski, Chairman Bob Graham, Ranking Democrat
Chuck Grassley     Max Baucus
Jon Kyl       Kent Conrad