April 09,2001

Grassley Comment on the President's Budget

Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Committee on Finance, today made the followingcomment on President Bush’s budget.

“Historically, presidents’ budgets have been dead on arrival, but that’s not true with this one.It’s a blueprint that’s survived mostly intact with strong bipartisan support, and that’s a majorachievement for President Bush. It would be a totally new phenomenon for any president to geteverything he wanted. In our system, the president proposes and the Congress disposes. Last week,there was consensus in the Senate for more money for agriculture and Medicare, for example.“On a more detailed level, I’m pleased that the President’s budget outline includes severalpriorities that I share, including tax credits to encourage the production of electricity from wind andorganic materials and a provision to help family farmers better manage risk with tax-deferred farmersavings accounts. I look forward to working toward those and other priorities in the weeks ahead.”