March 17,2020

Grassley: Congress Must Act Decisively to Combat Coronavirus

Washington Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) issued the following comments on Congressional work responding to the novel coronavirus.
“I’m glad the House of Representatives was able to fix some of the problems in the initial version of the phase two response to coronavirus and pass it last night. Over the weekend, my colleagues and I provided feedback on that legislation because, as previously written, it would have hurt some Iowans. It would have been particularly harmful to those who need telehealth services or those relying on Medicaid because the increased federal medical assistance percentage allotments would have left out Iowa.
“Now that the Senate received the legislation this morning with those and other mistakes fixed, I expect we will pass phase two.
“All the while, we continue to work on a phase three package. There are many proposals out there now. The discussion is less about the number than about how we can best target to provide the greatest relief to the economy as quickly and effectively as possible. As I’ve said, all options remain on the table.
“It’s important to me that rural hospitals, which are already facing staff and resource shortages, receive the help they need. Rural America can’t be left behind, even as we combat the virus in more densely populated hot spots. We’re continuing to develop solutions that will help working Americans, their families and the most vulnerable, as well as businesses of every size and American industries most disrupted.
“I appreciate the Administration’s active efforts and proposals. And I’m supportive of Leader McConnell’s commitments to keep the Senate in session until we deliver phase three.”