November 18,2020

Grassley, Johnson Release Supplement to Report on Potential Conflicts of Interest Stemming from Biden Family Foreign Business Arrangements

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, released a supplement to their September 23, 2020, report that revealed millions of dollars in questionable financial transactions between Hunter Biden and his associates and foreign individuals with ties to the Chinese Communist Party and Russian government.
The supplemental is based on new records that confirm the connections between the Biden family and the communist Chinese government, as well as the links between Hunter Biden’s business associates and the Russian government, and further support the Committees’ September 23, 2020, report’s finding that such relationships created counterintelligence and extortion concerns. Some of the additional findings from their investigation include millions of dollars sent from a Shanghai-based company with links to CEFC, which was effectively an extension of the communist Chinese government, to a close business associate of Hunter Biden.
The supplemental and supporting records can be found here.