July 17,2003

Grassley Praises Committee Passage of Trade Agreement Bills

WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Committee on Finance, todaypraised the unanimous committee approval of legislation implementing the U.S.-Chile Free TradeAgreement and the U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement. Committee passage, coupled withJudiciary Committee passage, clears the way for full Senate consideration, expected as early as nextweek.

“Without trade promotion authority, the United States fell behind on trade,” Grassley said.“Now we’re back at the negotiating table. We’re knocking down unfair barriers to our products soU.S. companies can compete on a level playing field around the world. And, when U.S. exportsgrow, our economy grows. All of this means new opportunities for American farmers and workers.”

Grassley said the trade agreements are the first to be considered under Trade PromotionAuthority procedures since Congress granted the President Trade Promotion Authority last August.Grassley advanced Trade Promotion Authority as a leader of the Finance Committee, which hasjurisdiction over trade. Under Trade Promotion Authority, the President negotiates trade agreementsand then submits them to Congress for expedited consideration and a vote.