March 22,2020

Grassley Statement on Democrats’ Filibuster of Coronavirus Aid Package

Washington Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) released the following statement after Senate Democrats filibustered action on a critical relief package to help families and businesses coping with the economic fallout from the coronavirus.
“After days of bipartisan around-the-clock negotiations to deliver immediate financial aid to Americans, businesses and health care professionals, the Senate Democrats walked away. They walked away from direct recovery payments for American families struggling to make ends meet. They walked away from beefed up unemployment insurance to supplement lost incomes for workers. They walked away from billions to strained health care industry and increased liquidity to help businesses stay afloat. All this, despite productive bipartisan discussions.
“We don’t have time for politics and posturing. The unemployment rolls are growing along with anxiety across the country. The Democrats’ filibuster today delays critical relief that we all agree is needed. This bill won’t be the last action we take to battle coronavirus. For the good of our nation, we need to move forward. Delay is not an option.”