March 28,2001

Grassley Statement on Jordan Free Trade Agreement

Sen. Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, issued the followingcomment today regarding the Jordan free trade agreement.

“Our country’s relationship with Jordan is important, and I want to enhancethat relationship. A trade agreement is a critical factor for the economy in Jordan andpolitical stability in a region where the United States has many interests.

“Details of the pending trade agreement with Jordan were negotiated by theprevious administration. I look forward to the new administration finalizing a tradeagreement with Jordan. One of the last trade agreements negotiated by oneadministration and implemented by the next was NAFTA. The first Bushadministration negotiated the agreement, and one year after taking office, the Clintonadministration implemented NAFTA. President Clinton made significantmodifications to the agreement before submitting it to Congress, which then workedin a bipartisan way to pass NAFTA.

“I think it’s fair to give President Bush the same courtesy that was given toPresident Clinton to have some time to carefully review a proposed trade agreementand consider its effects before moving forward in Congress. Ultimately, many of usshare the same goal of passing a historic, free trade agreement with Jordan.”