July 24,2020

Grassley Statement on Trump Prescription Drug Pricing Executive Orders

WASHINGTON – Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) today released the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s executive orders on prescription drug pricing.


“President Trump continues to lead the way in the battle to lower prescription drug prices, refusing to back down as Big Pharma fights reform at every turn. At the beginning of this Congress, the CEOs of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies told the Finance Committee that they would be a part of the solution and work with us to fix the problems plaguing the prescription drug pricing system. Not only did they not follow through, they did everything in their power to stop serious reforms. 


“I don’t blame President Trump for taking action on behalf of patients and all Americans where Congress has failed. President Trump’s bold action contrasts with Democrats’ refusal to work with Republicans to advance bipartisan legislation. While Democrats play politics, President Trump is fighting for patients.


“I’m still reviewing the details of the executive orders to assess the implications of these significant actions. There are some things I’ve expressed concern with in the past. What is clear is that the coronavirus pandemic makes lowering prescription drug prices all the more urgent. Cures and treatments can only help beat this disease if they are affordable. 


“President Trump should be commended for his leadership. For those who don’t like these executive actions, there’s time to get to the table and back a legislative solution. I will continue the fight in Congress until significant prescription drug pricing legislation becomes law. The next coronavirus relief bill presents the perfect opportunity for Congress to meet the moment.”