July 27,2006

Grassley: Survey Shows High Satisfaction Level With Medicare Drug Benefit


To: Reporters and Editors
Re: Kaiser Family Foundation survey on Medicare drug benefit
Da: Thursday, July 27, 2006

Today the Kaiser Family Foundation released a survey discussing the Medicare Part D drug
benefit and the experiences seniors have had with the new drug benefit. Sen. Chuck Grassley,
chairman of the Committee on Finance, with jurisdiction over Medicare, made the following
comment on the survey.

“The Kaiser Family Foundation offers policy makers a sound, balanced look at the new
Medicare prescription drug benefit. The foundation’s work is much-appreciated, especially given the
ongoing efforts of some groups to vilify the benefit by presenting their one-sided views. Despite
what others have said, according to the survey, satisfaction among beneficiaries is strong, with 81
percent either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their plan. Three-fourths of beneficiaries feel
they made a good choice. Although beneficiaries reported having some problems, the majority also
reported that the problems have been resolved.

“The survey also helps to identify areas on which we need to continue to work. We need to
make sure beneficiaries know that extra help is available for premiums and cost-sharing. We also
need to make sure beneficiaries have the resources they need to make their choice. Over the past
several months, I’ve been working to make sure the Administration takes action to improve the
Medicare prescription drug benefit. This survey will help to inform those efforts.”

The survey is available at: