September 15,2017

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Hatch on CNBC: Let’s Provide Middle-Class Tax Relief


WASHINGTON – Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) discussed tax reform with Ylan Mui on CNBC today. Highlights below: 

On Providing Relief for the Middle Class:

“We're not just going to do tax matters for tax matters purposes – there has to be a reason for doing it. And the reason, in my opinion, would be to uplift the economy, to…provide more opportunities and income – to the middle class especially – [and] make sure that it is fair…” 

On Lowering the Corporate Tax Rate from One of the Highest in the World:
“The president wants it down to 15 percent, and that would be wonderful if we could get it down there. We'll be working to try to do that…But, you know, we have to bring them down from the…highest rates in the world.” 

On Working to Achieve Tax Reform:

“We’re all trying to get on the same page, but of course, you know the Senate Finance Committee will do this bill the way it wants to do it, and I think the Ways and Means Committee in the House will do the bill the way they want to. And then we’ll get together…and reconcile the differences.” 

Over the last five years, the Senate Finance Committee has held 69 hearings on how it can improve and streamline our tax system so it works better for all Americans. Hatch convened a hearing on Thursday to discuss ways to streamline the individual tax system to make it work better for American individuals and families. On Tuesday, Sept. 19, Hatch will convene a hearing on ways to improve the U.S. tax code’s business provisions and create a healthier economic environment that will encourage job creators to invest in the United States, create jobs, boost wages, and increase their competitiveness in the global market 

Click here to watch Hatch’s full interview.