September 20,2016

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Obamacare’s Ridiculous List

Health Law’s Failures Reach New Levels of Absurdity
With a disastrous summer already on the books and health care costs increasing at the greatest rate in the last 32 years, the health law’s failures are becoming more absurd and unworkable for the American people with each passing day.
Skyrocketing costs, fewer options for care, and lackluster enrollment forecasts have now forced President Obama to make a last ditch effort to try and salvage his own law.  And with little to no signs of improvement for the his signature domestic policy achievement, even he acknowledges the law’s implementation has “not been without challenges.”
As the implosion of Obamacare continues, its ridiculous failures will only grow for American families. Take a look at Obamacare’s most recent embarrassments:
CO-OP Calamity
•    Of the original 23 Obamacare consumer operated and oriented plans (CO-OPs), only six will remain after the New Jersey CO-OP announced just last week it will close its doors at the end of the year. The failed CO-OP experiment has resulted in cancelled plans for tens of thousands of customers and forced them to search for new health care coverage.  Even worse, taxpayers are on the hook for the more than $1.8 billion bill for botched CO-OPs so far. That’s absurd.

 Fraud Fallout
•    Obamacare marketplaces are still vulnerable to fraud, according to recent reports from a nonpartisan watchdog that highlighted the continued presence of fictitious enrollees that were able to receive subsidies.  What’s more, the administration has known about the problem for nearly 3 years, but has failed to implement proper safeguards to weed out fictitious enrollees.  That’s ridiculous.

Sue to Settle
•    When a system is so unworkable its administrator asks you to sue your way out of it, you know it’s bad.  A little noticed memo released last week by the administration signals just that, noting to insurers that litigation with the Department of Health and Human Services may be needed in order to navigate the health law’s twisted system.  That’s unconscionable.