February 13,2008

Rebates On Way To America’s Seniors, Disabled Vets As President Signs Economic Stimulus Bill Into Law

Finance Chairman Baucus added Social Security recipients, VA disability recipients to ranks of Americans included in economic stimulus efforts this year

Washington, DC – Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) was on
hand at the White House today as President Bush signed an economy-boosting bill with
rebates for 20 million American seniors and 250,000 disabled veterans originally left out
of economic stimulus proposals. Last week, Congress voted to add Baucus-authored
provisions for seniors and disabled vets to a House-passed economic stimulus bill.
Baucus presented and the Finance panel passed a package of provisions that would
extend stimulus rebate checks to seniors living solely on Social Security and to veterans
living on non-taxable disability benefit.

“America’s seniors and disabled vets asked Congress not to forget them in the
economic stimulus effort, and we did not forget them,”
Baucus said. “I’m proud that
the Finance Committee stuck to its guns and worked for a better economic stimulus
bill. The House and the President clearly saw that our changes to the original
stimulus agreement were morally right and fiscally smart. Low-income seniors and
disabled vets need this money and they will inject it into the economy right away.
The timely addition of these 20 million seniors and 250,000 disabled veterans to this
economic stimulus law just goes to show how much Congress can accomplish when
we work together and keep our eyes on the ball.”

The new economic stimulus law also includes Finance Committee safeguards to ensure
that illegal immigrants will not receive rebates. A summary of the economic stimulus bill
signed into law by the President today is available at http://www.finance.senate.gov/.

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