December 01,1999

Roth Backs Bush Tax Cut Plan


SAN FRANCISCO -- Senator William V. Roth, Jr. (R-DE), Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, today issued the following statement regarding Gov. George W. Bush's tax cut plan.

"The announcement of the Bush tax plan makes me very optimistic that working Americans will soon see a significant reduction in their taxes.

"The federal government is taking in far more money than it needs. We should return what we don't need to the hard working people who earned it.

"I don't think that we should wait for George Bush to be elected president to act on significant tax relief. Tax relief initiatives should be a top priority for the Congress next year.

"The Bush plan provides a solid foundation for comprehensive tax relief to overtaxed American workers and families. I believe we should enhance retirement security through improvements to individual retirement accounts ("IRAs") and pension plans. I am pleased that Governor Bush is stressing the importance of education savings measures and enhanced charitable giving. In addition, tax relief can also serve to increase health care access and affordability.

"George Bush is setting the right course for America. The central challenge we face is keeping the economy growing. Our prosperity is the result of the productivity of hard working Americans. They are the ones who should be rewarded and encouraged. The Bush plan does exactly that. "