May 12,1999

Roth Statement on Retirement of Secretary Rubin

WASHINGTON -- The following is the statement of Senate Finance Committee Chairman William V. Roth, Jr. (R-DE) on the announced retirement of Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin:

"Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin has done a fine job during his tenure. His stewardship has been a good stabilizing force in a turbulent world economy. I have enjoyed working with Secretary Rubin, and respect him greatly. I wish him well as he returns to private life.

"The Finance Committee will schedule a confirmation hearing for Larry Summers when we receive his paperwork from the White House. The Committee has had a good working relationship with Mr. Summers in his current post as Deputy Treasury Secretary, and I look forward to his appearance before the Committee.

"The Committee will hold a confirmation hearing for Stuart Eizenstat as well when we receive his nomination from the White House. I have enjoyed working with Mr. Eizenstat and congratulate him on his nomination."