September 11,2020

Social Security Chief Actuary Gives Full Context after Senate Dems, Biden Mislead Public

Dems Manufactured Payroll Tax Cut Proposal, Biden Attributed it to Trump, Still Got Facts Wrong

Washington In a letter this week to top Republican tax writers, the Chief Actuary of Social Security affirmed that he was “not aware that anyone has proposed” legislation like Senate Democrats outlined in a recent request, which they subsequently used to spread false and misleading partisan messaging. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) made the following comments after receiving Chief Actuary’s letter.
“I appreciate the Chief Actuary’s response to our questions. It’s important that the record remains correct, and Mr. Goss once again affirmed that there is no actual proposal like the one Senate Dems manufactured in an attempt to smear political rivals. No one has a plan to defund Social Security, and Democrats know it. Nonetheless, Democrats shamefully chose to scare seniors and the disabled to try to manufacture a controversy where none exists.
“Even the fact checkers at the Washington Post awarded Democrats four Pinocchios for peddling this falsehood and providing political fodder for the president’s opponent. I urge my colleagues to be more responsible when utilizing government resources.”
Grassley and House Ways and Means Ranking Member Kevin Brady (R-Texas) wrote to the Chief Actuary on August 31 seeking to set the record straight on the partisan misinformation promoted by Senate Democrats that utilized information from his office. In the time since, the Washington Post assigned the campaign of Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden four Pinocchios for spreading the misinformation in an ad, saying in reference to Biden’s Senate allies, “To make a long story short, Democrats ginned up a letter from the chief actuary to describe a plan that does not currently exist.”
The full response from Social Security Chief Actuary Stephen Goss to Grassley and Brady can be found HERE.