January 29,2018

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Tax Reform Headlines: Business is Booming

Thanks to Tax Reform, the United States is Back in Business

Less than one month into the new tax code, businesses are already making dramatic changes in how they operate. They’re investing more in the United States, meaning more growth, more jobs and higher wages. 

Don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the latest headlines on how tax reform is transforming the way America does business: 


The Tax Law, Just One Month Old, Is Roaring Through U.S. Companies

By Theo Francis, Peter Loftus and Heather Haddon

“Just weeks after the federal government adopted the biggest tax overhaul in three decades, the effects are rippling through corner offices and boardrooms, with companies large and small dusting off once-shelved plans, re-evaluating existing projects and exploring new investment in factories and equipment.” 


‘Big positive surprise’ coming from Trump tax plan, CEOs say

By Heather Long

“As Bank of America chief executive Brian Moynihan travels the world in 2018, he says he keeps hearing the same thing over and over: Foreign businesses want to pump money into the United States again after President Trump’s tax cuts. Like the White House, he thinks the positive bounce from the tax bill could be far bigger than most experts predict. There's growing cohesion among executives — cutting across industry and even geography — that Trump's tax plan is going to deliver massive new investment in the United States, which should, in turn, boost growth and employment.” 


Tax Change Aims to Lure Intellectual Property Back to the U.S.

By Sam Schechner

U.S. companies rich in intellectual property are looking at a new tax-friendly regime: the U.S. A provision in the newly revised U.S. tax code slashes the income tax companies pay on royalties from the overseas use of intellectual property or so-called intangible assets, such as licenses and patents.” 


Barclays CEO says new US tax policy is a 'very big deal' for his company

By Natasha Turak

The U.S. is setting an example for the world in terms of tax friendliness, Barclays CEO Jes Staley told CNBC while at the World Economic Forum in Davos. ‘The USA has clearly embarked on a strategy to be very business friendly as a regulatory matter and now as a tax matter,’ Staley said Thursday. ‘And the question is, how is the rest of the world going to respond?’” 



U.S. Companies Weigh Boosting Compensation Amid Tax Law Windfall

By Ezequiel Minaya

Nearly half of U.S. companies are mulling changes to employee compensation as they develop plans to deploy the windfall linked to the tax overhaul, according to a survey by consultancy Willis Towers Watson…. The survey found that 45% of respondents are considering taking at least one of a group of actions, this year or next, to change broad-based employee compensation programs. Companies are weighing options such as increasing wages for all employees, addressing pay-gap issues and introducing profit-sharing or a one-time bonus, according to the survey.”

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