May 15,2015

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Aaron Fobes, Julia Lawless (202)224-4515

Trade Promotion Authority Continues to Garner Wide Support

Trade Tool Needed to Bring Home High-Standard Trade Agreements


Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) is an essential trade tool needed to bring home high-standard trade agreements.  TPA expired in 2007, leaving America at a disadvantage when negotiating trade agreements with other countries. No potential trade partner will give our negotiators their best offer unless they know what issues matter the most to us and whether America can deliver on the deal. With TPA, the United States makes our demands clear, and promises our trading partners that the deal they sign is the deal Congress will vote on.

With the United States engaged in two major trade negotiations with Asia and Europe - the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP), now is the time to renew TPA.    Passing TPA will help the United States bring home these trade pacts to benefit American workers, farmers, ranchers and job creators.

Many agree:



And, that’s not all.  Who is saying what about TPA?  Take a look: