February 05,2020

Vice President Pence Endorses Grassley-Wyden Prescription Drug Bill

VP Pence: We’ve Got Bipartisan Legislation…Chuck Grassley, Ron Wyden Have Worked On…the President Said Pass the Bipartisan Bill

Washington – Vice President Mike Pence today praised the Grassley-Wyden Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act and reiterated President Donald Trump’s commitment to passing their bipartisan bill and signing it into law. Last night in his State of the Union address, Trump praised Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley’s (R-Iowa) work to lower prescription drug prices and called on Congress to pass bipartisan drug cost legislation.
“President Trump, Vice President Pence and Secretary Azar have all endorsed our bipartisan bill to lower prescription drug prices. It remains the only bipartisan bill in Congress that would significantly reduce prescription drug costs,” Grassley said.
Earlier today, Grassley spoke on the Senate floor and called on the chamber to act.
KILMEADE: Infrastructure, prescription drugs. I mean, but how could we see that and expect that? Because you talked about health care in the speech, but there’s nothing on the docket for health care that we could see straight ahead, or is there?
EARHARDT: Remember? He said put it on my desk and I’ll sign it.
PENCE: Yes, well first off, we could lower the cost of prescription drugs...
KILMEADE: With whose program?
PENCE: Well look, we’ve got legislation that’s bipartisan legislation. Chuck Grassley, Ron Wyden have worked on in the United States Senate. I’ve been in meetings in the West Wing where we’ve talked about this, and the president said pass the bipartisan bill. Put it on my desk. We’ll lower prescription drugs for the American people. I mean, we can work on health care.