December 12,2017

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What They’re Saying: Tax Reform Will Benefit Entrepreneurs, Middle-Class Workers & Small Businesses

Community Leaders, Stakeholders and Thought Leaders Advocate for Republican Tax Reform Effort

Community leaders, stakeholders and thought leaders across the country are praising Republican efforts to overhaul the tax code. From benefiting middle-class workers, to helping women in business get ahead, take a look at what they’re saying: 

WSJ: Hispanic Entrepreneurs Need Tax Reform

By Steve Cortes, member of the Trump campaign’s National Hispanic Advisory Council, and  Javier Palomarez, president of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 

“To keep the American Dream a reality, Congress needs to expedite this substantive tax reform. This catalyst can ignite success among all Americans, and particularly within our community, the fastest-growing and most industrious in the U.S. The right policies, combined with a growing economy, could create a new wave of prominent Hispanic entrepreneurs and businesses. And everyone would benefit from such empowerment.” 

Washington Post: Economists: No, the tax bill won’t kill people — it will save lives

By Casey B. Mulligan, University of Chicago professor, and Tomas J. Philipson, on leave from the University of Chicago, serving as a member of the President Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers 

“Most important, everyone agrees the tax plan will stimulate economic growth, although there is disagreement about how much. Economic growth saves lives, as opposed to killing people, particularly so for the poor, in this country and elsewhere, where it has saved millions, even billions, of lives. The past decade has hampered that progress, but the time has finally come to return to the economic growth, and the improved human conditions, that America has been known for.” 

USA Today: GOP tax bill is good for middle-class Americans

By F.H. Buckley, professor at George Mason University’s Scalia Law School 

“The bill is good news for most middle-class Americans. More important, it’s a jobs bill, because it will give firms an incentive to invest in the United States.” 

Fox News: Modernizing the tax code will provide a long-term boost to the American economy and to middle-class workers

By Jeffrey Kupfer, former executive director of President George W. Bush's Panel on Federal Tax Reform           

“Both common sense and economic research tell us that modernizing the tax code will provide a long-term boost to the American economy and to middle-class workers. Tax reform has come a long way down the field; it’s time to get into the end zone.” 

Forbes: Small Businesses Have Evolved Since 1986 but the Tax Code Has Not – Congress Needs to Fix That, Now

By Connie E. Evans, president and CEO of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity 

“Congress has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a federal tax code that works for American small business owners. Implementing a tax code that improves upon the current burdensome and unequal tax code gives our entrepreneurs the chance to grow their businesses. That equals more jobs and a stronger national economy. It’s that simple.” 

The Hill: Time to reform the tax code to help millennials and women in business

By Carrie Sheffield, executive director of Generation Opportunity 

“Tax reform will enable more businesses to provide more opportunity. It will mean that more women will have a chance to own a business or join the workforce to drive our economy forward. Bitter partisanship should not preclude Washington from doing the right thing and fixing this unfairness. It’s time to do away with a convoluted and arcane tax system that rewards those who can hire the best lawyers and lobbyists.”