October 28,2021

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Ashley Schapitl 202-224-4515

Wyden Statement on Inclusion of Clean Energy for America Act in the Build Back Better Framework

Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today released the following statement regarding the inclusion of his Clean Energy for America Act in President Biden’s Build Back Better framework released this morning:

“There is bicameral agreement on the linchpin of our efforts to combat the climate crisis, including the critical reforms proposed in the Clean Energy for America Act. This landmark legislation ties incentives directly to carbon emissions reduction—the bigger the reductions, the bigger the credits. It also ensures these vital incentives remain in place until we meet our climate goals—no more crafting energy policy a year or two at a time. The agreement also includes robust incentives for clean transportation and energy efficiency.

“The agreement will ensure green jobs are good jobs, and that the clean energy future is Made in America, through smart manufacturing incentives and policies to bolster American-made clean energy products like batteries and solar panels.

“Important policies from both the Clean Energy for America Act and the House Ways & Means GREEN Act proposal will be in place on day one. This includes providing tax credits directly to companies and cutting out big banks, making it much easier for new producers of clean energy to benefit. It also includes provisions to ensure the clean energy future is shared by all Americans by expanding access to affordable renewable electricity and clean vehicles, and bolstering clean energy investments in communities that depend on fossil fuels.

“All told, this package is designed meet the President’s emissions goals, by driving electric vehicles to as much as 50 percent market share by 2030, reducing emissions from electricity by up to 73 percent, and putting us on a path to achieving net-zero emissions.”