March 31,2022

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Ashley Schapitl (202) 224-4515 

Wyden Statement on Trump Requesting Political Favors from Putin

Trump request coincides with Senate Republicans restarting efforts to help Trump

Washington, D.C.— Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden today released the following statement on Donald Trump requesting political favors from Vladimir Putin and Senate Republicans resurrecting their innuendo-filled investigation to benefit Donald Trump. 

“As Vladimir Putin wages an unprovoked war in Europe, Donald Trump has again explicitly requested Putin’s help winning the next election. Trump continues to put his personal interests ahead of the national interest–even if that means an alliance with a madman bombing civilians and launching missiles at cities. 

“Donald Trump will never change. He will never learn any lessons. It’s up to Republicans to put an end to this madness. There are worrying signs on that front, with Republican senators attempting to resurrect their failed 2020 investigation as a way to boost Donald Trump’s shadow campaign to undo the last election. 

“It’s a disturbing development that responsible senators must and will continue to push back on. After years of investigation these senators have produced no evidence the current President did anything wrong. They would better serve the American people by getting the former president to stop begging for Vladimir Putin’s help.”