April 11,2019

Grassley on the Health Care System

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa discussed health care from the Senate floor. Video can be found here and text can be found below.
Some elected officials are proposing radical changes to our health care system. These proposals include Medicare for All, Medicare Buy-In, Medicaid for All and expansion of the Affordable Care Act. All of these are versions of government-run health care. These are of course better campaign slogans than serious solutions to the problems facing Americans. On the personal level, I have found most people would rather have control of their own health care rather than have the government make those decisions for them. A single-payer care system would be devastating for our seniors, people with disabilities and people with preexisting conditions.

Democrats are releasing their plans to effectively eliminate private health insurance in favor of a national, single-payer system that would take away personal choice and freedom – further expanding Washington’s control over Americans’ health care decisions. Read more here