April 06,2022

Crapo Commends Agreement to Revoke Russia Trade Relations, Ban Oil

Mr. President, I rise in strong support for Senator Schumer’s request for unanimous consent for the Senate to proceed to the en bloc consideration of H.R. 6968, the Russian oil ban, and H.R. 7108, the Russia PNTR legislation.        

I want to thank Senators Schumer, Wyden, Wicker, Paul, Cardin, Murkowski, Manchin, Lankford, Risch, Menendez, Cornyn and Sullivan – a long list of senators who worked hard getting us to this point.  They exemplify how you can be both principled and reasonable.  I want to especially again thank Senator Schumer. 

We worked carefully together--long, tireless days to get this worked out, and we both respect the good faith that each of us has shown in getting us to this point.  

Thanks to their efforts, the Senate is in position to pass these important bills.  

Importantly, their efforts in this Chamber reflect the best of what Ukraine desperately seeks to preserve, and that which Vladimir Putin is determined to destroy: freedom, and representative government. 

That is why the legislation at issue is so important.   

It strikes directly at Putin, and cuts off the lifeblood for his war machine and his autocracy by banning U.S. imports of Russian energy products, including petroleum, natural gas, and coal.  

It places Russia and Belarus in the same pariah trade status as North Korea and Cuba. 

The congressional action, including the certification criteria in the bills, is critical because it signifies a standing commitment to the Ukrainian people and to our NATO allies that is more durable than Putin’s machinations in Ukraine.    

This legislation will inspire our allies to take similar actions against Russia.  As President Zelensky told us when he asked for the ban--“[i]t can be called an embargo, or it can be just morality.” 

Because this legislation is so critical to the support of Ukraine, we must act in unison on these bills, and call on Speaker Pelosi to promptly vote on the legislation in the House—where it will also receive a resounding vote in favor.  

Therefore, I strongly second Senator Schumer’s request, and also ask that the Senate agree to it.