November 16,2021

Crapo Statement at Nomination Hearing

Washington, D.C.--U.S. Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, delivered the following remarks at a hearing to consider the nominations of Maria Lago to be Under Secretary for International Trade, and Lisa Wang to be Assistant Secretary for Enforcement and Compliance at the Department of Commerce.  

The text of Ranking Member Crapo’s remarks, as prepared, is below. 

“Thank you, Senator Wyden. 

“Welcome Ms. Lago and Ms. Wang; and congratulations on your nominations.  If confirmed, the nominees before us will have key roles in overseeing and operating the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration--or ITA.  ITA plays an important role in promoting market access and redressing unfair trade practices.  Both functions are critical to American prosperity.   

“For example, Hamilton Manufacturing in Twin Falls, Idaho, successfully utilized ITA’s export promotion services to locate new partners in Chile.  There are many other companies in Idaho and across the country that can benefit from such assistance.   

“Ms. Lago, I look forward to hearing your views today on how ITA can expand export opportunities for America’s farmers, businesses and workers.  In terms of unfair trade practices, our industries have to be able to compete on a level playing field, including by having recourse to relief under our antidumping and countervailing laws when appropriate.   

“This is particularly important right now when China is spending record sums on industrial subsidies.  Ms. Wang, I hope you will share your insights on how ITA can administer the trade remedy laws effectively.   

“I remind both nominees that ITA’s success in its mission is contingent on a strong partnership with Congress.  This is true not just because Congress has authority over trade policy under our Constitution, but because Members are in the best position to understand the needs of our constituents.  I hope the nominees today will confirm that they would closely consult with this Committee if confirmed. 

“I look forward to hearing the nominees’ testimony and their responses to questions.”