February 06,2013

Press Contact:

Julia Lawless, Antonia Ferrier, 202.224.4515

Hatch Statement on U.S. Trade Case Against India’s Solar Program

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee, today welcomed U.S. action requesting World Trade Organization (WTO) consultations over India’s National Solar Program and issued the following statement:

“I'm pleased the Obama Administration is increasing its efforts to hold India accountable for violating its international commitments. India’s solar program stands in clear violation of its WTO obligations. Such blatant disregard for our international trade rules should, rightly, be challenged. While this is strong step forward in holding India accountable, it is imperative we continue to press to resolve other ongoing trade and investment issues with India, including its continued disregard for the protection of U.S. intellectual property rights. I will continue to closely scrutinize India’s actions and look forward to working with the Administration to address our many trade challenges with India.”